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Phone: 647-870-1668

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With over six years of serving thousands of customers in repairing or building their roofing systems, we have proven to be the roofing company of choice. As our experience grew, we ensured that the complete JJ Roofing team has remained coherent with all developments in the roofing industry.

With this experience, the JJ Homes Roofing team has built a Comprehensive inspection process which eliminates any possible fault that may appear while building or repairing any commercial or residential roof.

Guarantees and Warranties:

JJ Homes Roofing understands a home or commercial property is one of the greatest assets of a company or individual. When choosing roofing company to work on your home or commercial property you want to ensure that you receive the greatest product and services. To further aid in the comfort level we create with clients, we have the following guarantees and warranties in place:10 years manual warranty, warranty materials, 2 million works insurance and wisb


Be a part of the JJ Homes Roofing team and work with us in providing quality workmanship and exceptional service for our clients.

We currently have no open positions.

E-mail: jjhomesroofing@gmail.com TEL: 647-870-1668
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